Landscape Summer 2012 – Garden with Trees VI

Garden with Trees VI 2013

From my archives, Garden with Trees VI 2012. I thought it would be a change to post something brighter than my recent work, but I haven’t done anything bright since last year! So I’ve chosen this. The trees here have still not leafed in any significant way. feels like we are 6 weeks behind the normal season.

Mixed media: coloured pencil, crayon and acrylic paint on white paper. 26cm x 14.5cm. 2012.

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11 thoughts on “Landscape Summer 2012 – Garden with Trees VI

  1. I Love this scetch Nicholas, I love the way you put down what you see. It takes a while for your eye to see everything you have scetched but it one the paper !!!

    Can I ask how long it takes you to do these ?

    Do you set yourself a time limit our is it just until you finish?


    • Hi Nigel, Thanks for your kind appreciation! This piece probably took less than a day in all. Most of my work I complete within the day and sometimes less. I tend to work very intensively and energetically and for some reason I feel a need to come to a resolution or conclusion to a piece before I can stop work on it. In the past my bigger work would take days, however everything I am doing right now is much smaller and fits within A3 ish. Best, Nicholas.

      • Hello Nicholas,

        Yes you can see the life and energy that you put into all your work, to me ! they should a process that you are going through. Your answer is brilliant in that respect – as for your work!!! :) .


  2. I thougt of Monet too when I saw this beautiful painting. One of my favourite subject matter in the whole world. I am watching the trees opposite literally spring into life as I write. A wonderful miracle of the ordinary

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