Landscape Drawing, Old Tree, Chiltern Hills May 2013

Landscape Drawing, Old Tree, Chiltern Hills May 2013

Mixed media drawing: crayon, graphite, coloured pencil on white paper, May 2013.

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17 thoughts on “Landscape Drawing, Old Tree, Chiltern Hills May 2013

  1. I’d be interested in knowing the size of some of these, Nicholas. Do you work average sketch book size? Oversize? How do you determine the size for a particular subject?

    • Hi maggie, most of my work at the moment is within an A4 sheet. The latest post is 190x220mm, others are up to 300mm wide. I don’t predetermine the size of the drawing, other than by the limits of the actual paper I’m using and the result is never a consistent size but within a range. My next post will be a drawing 260x 220mm and I think the final size was driven by the compositional needs. I’m working on ways to create a more detailed textural level by rubbing graphite into the grain of the image first. Best, Nicholas.

  2. We sure are poles apart in our respective styles! I love and admire your free style. This one makes me think of the artist, Motherwell, with his huge black, white and grey paintings. I THINK he was an abstract expressionist – or maybe he was post-abstract expressionist. Anyway, this drawing links my mind to those paintings. It is so wildly gestural.

    • Thank you Julie! This piece is small at 220 x 190mm but I know what you mean. When I had a proper painting studio I did very large scale work, but nowadays it has to be much much smaller and that makes gestural mark making different in the way it can be achieved.

    • Hi Harrie, thanks for your kind comment! The drawing is 190x220mm and you can see it full size opened up by clicking on it. I try if possible to ensure an image is the same or smaller than the original. I think the close up feel here might be because I rubbed in graphite shavings before I started drawing on this, to give a more detailed textural grain to the paper which isn’t that grainy. It also works well when crayon and water are applied over it. I’m going to try this technique again. Thanks for all the ‘likes’. Much appreciated from you in particular. Loving your latest posts btw, very very engaging images and I like the abstraction. Great stuff. Best, Nicholas.

    • Thank you so much for such a kind comment. I really appreciate you took the time to write that. It is mutual, you images are very powerful and i follow all your posts with great enjoyment. Best, Nicholas.

      • You are very kind as I follow your work and it is fabulous. I was just looking at your image ‘Känslan för träd’ it is such a beautifully considered piece in composition and tone and atmosphere. you really do have a great eye for an image and I know how difficult making a great photograph really is. It is not something I can do! Best, Nicholas.

  3. Love your work Nicholas, you achieve a nice level of abstraction in your work that I have tried (not successfully) to find in my own.I especially find landscape frustrating. How big are the works you do? Mine are small and quick due to the limited time I have to work on them….inspirational stuff…

    • Thank you for such a kind comment Mark! I find landscape quite a challenge too. I try to find a balance between experiential abstraction and reference to the source site. Ultimately I’m most concerned with the outcome at a visual level. All these works are about A4 or smaller. often 24 x 18cm ish or 18 x 13cm. By the way I really love your sketches particularly Morcote, so really you do abstract the landscape beautifully. Windgeneigter Baum 1994 is another I admired. Best, Nicholas.

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