Landscape Drawing, Trees and Field, Chiltern Hills, May 2013

Landscape Drawing, Trees and Field, Chiltern Hills, May 2013

mixed media drawing: crayon, coloured pencil and graphite on white paper. May 2013.

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9 thoughts on “Landscape Drawing, Trees and Field, Chiltern Hills, May 2013

  1. This seems very untypical work of yours. where trees are in spotlight, not hills. I mean that rest of your work seem to give feeling of space and distance but in this one there is different feel about the landscape as ‘charcoal trees’ are the main part which my eyes meet. Not sure though if this could be my favourite, I certainly like those subtle and filigrane ‘distant trees’. In a way this seems rushed and doesnt give an impression that you have absorbed the landscape before painting it. BUT I love your work, and this might be just constructive criticism which you can just ignore. Being honest, Nicholas.

    • Hi Linda, thanks for the constructive comments, I always want to know what people really think and I’m not at all ‘thin skinned’! I don’t use charcoal but a 9B graphite pencil, however I sometimes do rub graphite dust into the grain. Hope you like my next one! But always tell me the truth as you see it ok? Best, Nicholas.

      • it just proves how intelligent you are in your thinking when you assure you’re not taking my previous comment offencive. Well, I knew it already that you are ‘strong’ enough to take that. thanks again, Nicholas, for your beautiful pieces which you put on display here. now and again I like to return to your blog and breathe in

      • Hi Linda, thank you for visiting, commenting and liking my work and most of all brave enough to say it as you see it, feedback like yours is immensely valuable, so thanks again and talk soon. Best, Nicholas.

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