Landscape Drawing – View to Distant Wooded Hilltop, May 2013

Landscape Drawing - View to Distant Wooded Hilltop, May 2013

Mixed media: crayon, graphite, acrylic on white paper. May 2013. (14.5 x 18.8cm)

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17 thoughts on “Landscape Drawing – View to Distant Wooded Hilltop, May 2013

    • Hi Julie, both, depending on the weather, rain, cold, wind etc, and what I’m trying to do. I try and sketch out and collect info if I don’t draw in situ. In the Dales a few weeks ago when it should have been warm I made no pictures there whatsoever as it was freezing and extremely windy but I did collate references to my experiences there, although to date I haven’t utilised anything and probably won’t now.

      • Ah – I see. Well they have the immediacy as if they were all created right on the spot. At art school (back in the day) it was suggested that we artists make love like we create. In that case, you must be wild! (Lord knows what that says about me!)

      • Lol, Hi Julie, I guess the key is to develop and maintain a signature visual style and methodology that is consistent and I’m trying to do that, so that my work is recognisably mine amongst other things, whether made in situ or as a studio piece. Must have been a fun art school you went to!!!!

      • I only had one dalliance with a fellow art school student and that was with a guy who introduced me to Robert Motherwell’s work! The rest of the time I was with a dumb old law student. (Never have been able to think much of lawyers since.) Yeah – signature visual styles – I totally understand what you are saying.

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