Landscape Drawing L772, Ashridge, The Chiltern Hills. December 2013


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23 thoughts on “Landscape Drawing L772, Ashridge, The Chiltern Hills. December 2013

      • I know it’s often regarded as a kiddie’s tool, but one of my favourite artists, Meinrad Craighead, used it all the time and your work reminded me of her technique a bit…I really like your landscapes.

      • I like her use of it too. I guess it is out of fashion now, but I know it was popular once. It needs real skill to use well. Thank you for liking my work btw. Best, Nicholas.

  1. When this image popped up on my reader I was so pleased. Partly to see new work, but also it took me right back to my childhood and Richard Bolitho novels. In my mind I always imagined a coach and horses driving through English countryside just like this. Quite remarkable Nicholas.

  2. Haunting, evocative, strangely nostalgic (as I am of the American Desert Southwest). I have looked at them all, as in a book one cannot put down. Consider me a fan of your work.

    I find the iPad drawings interesting, as I have recently started exploring drawing digitally, as well.

    • Thank you so much for this really wonderful comment! I am increasingly trying to get that sense of almost looking back into the distant past, maybe childhood memory of the landscape, which you could say is nostalgic, so I think this is a very important aspect for me that you have highlighted. Really glad you like the work! It is very encouraging. I would be very interested to know how you find the digital process and how your use of it changes over time. Best, Nicholas.

  3. Beautiful. I used to live in Berkhamstead and cycle through Ashridge Forest. This takes me back to February days wondering why I took up cycling as a hobby. It is a lovely, atmospheric piece :-)

      • Hi Nicholas. It is one of my favourite places in England. I drove through the forest on a recent trip back to the UK and just wanted to stay longer and explore. Maybe next time!

      • I lived in the Lakes for about 5 years and it was always my favourite landscape, but the more I discover the Chiltern Hills now I live in St Albans, the more I love it, it is very underrated I think, yet is so varied, covers such a large area and great for artists! Best, Nicholas.

      • Yes, I can see how easy it is to under-rate the less dramatic landscapes – especially when they are so full of people. I lived in Shenley before Berkhamsted, and moved there from NZ, so it was all new and exciting. St Albans was our nearest town really and I spent a lot of time wandering around the cathedral and the Verulamium ruins. I really miss the crisp autumn and winter mornings – and those long summer evenings. The light was really quite special. Am enjoying your work – look forward to seeing more. Cheers, Su.

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