Residual Trace – Developing Work


Residual Trace 2013 – III

This is an iPad generated image that I produced a while back to help me in developing my drawing practice direction. The drawing on my ‘About’ page is made using coloured pencils and crayon (neocolorII) and is part of my very latest work in conventional media that has directly come out of this. The ‘Residual Trace Series’ was a body of work that I first started adding to in the mid nineties. I’m fascinated by what we leave behind us, how we extrapolate ideas of the past from what we see of the past through what little is left to us. My return to the residual trace series in a slightly new way, signals my intended transition back to more abstract works in the future. The drawing below of a Tuscan landscape of fields was a precursor to all of these.

Tuscan Landscape – 2,  2012

Drawing Tuscan Landscape II




Residual Trace – Developing Work

8 thoughts on “Residual Trace – Developing Work

  1. I’m not sure I would know these were ipad drawings if you hadn’t specified. I haven’t used one, myself. I do use a wacom tablet with photshop on my mac. Are you using some type of stylus? These drawings capture the gestural strokes that I would expect from using conventional media- pastel, charcoal, pencil. You must have a very refined hand and ability to look at what you’re drawing while you are drawing- whatever the medium. That’s what I take from this. I can see it in your lines. I get the impression that you were looking at your subject more than what you were drawing, which I think, is the best way to draw anything.


    1. Thanks for your kind comment. I really do only use my fingers on the touch screen not a stylus, but I think I might try that too. I use Procreate software app that does give a very good control of the type and weight of each mark, colour and transparency. I did try some stuff in Photoshop, but I think Procreate is more specialised directly for artists, but they are all good and getting ever more sophisticated.


  2. Have you ever used the ArtStudio app? I have been using it for about 18 months or two years, and it is becoming more elaborate and Photoshop-like all the time. I like something a little simpler. Your drawings are wonderful; maybe I’ll try Procreate to see how it feels. I have an iPad 2, and often, my drawing finger moves faster than ArtStudio can keep up. Do you have this experience with Procreate? Your drawings certainly have a flow to them that looks like “real” materials.


    1. Hi Lynn, Procreate just seemed the right choice and so far it has exceeded my expectations. It certainly keeps up with my drawing finger and renders very well. I like the granular control it gives too. I have never used ArtStudio myself. I do think Procreate is better for this kind of thing than Photoshop, even though I use Photoshop Professional CS5.5, touch screen usage is also a great advantage I find.


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