Winter Landscape

Winter Landscape

One from the archive.
Mixed media: acrylic, graphite, coloured pencil and crayon on white paper. 26cm x 13.14cm. 2012.

Winter Landscape

4 thoughts on “Winter Landscape

  1. I just love your paintings! And I wonder, how it “feels” to be in a room with your paintings: I am sure, it is a very special, strong feeling, a feeling as if you were present in that room, even if you would not be there. You know, what I mean? Nathalie


    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment Nathalie. It is difficult to know how others would find a room full of my work. I hope it would be interesting. At the moment I haven’t shown much of my latest work as I’m trying to get a more consistent body of work together, before I exhibit again. It is quite a long process! Best wishes, Nicholas.


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