Landscape Drawing – Looking Out Over Open Countryside Toward the Chiltern Hills, May 2013

Landscape Drawing - Open Countryside, England. May 2013

Soluble crayon on white paper, 18.3cm x 15.1cm, May 2013

The English countryside has a gentle stillness, a quiet undisturbed solitude, whatever the weather.

Landscape Drawing – Looking Out Over Open Countryside Toward the Chiltern Hills, May 2013

23 thoughts on “Landscape Drawing – Looking Out Over Open Countryside Toward the Chiltern Hills, May 2013

    1. Nigel, a big thank you for your appreciation! I’m still trying to refine and consolidate this work which is an ongoing process. Thanks for following my blog. Have a great weekend! Best, Nicholas.


  1. bodacious visions says:

    this is what you see through fogged window, after waking up from a dream, listening to The Cinematic Orchestra. All the storms from the outside are far too far, and all the light from the sun-unreachable. and you are where you were before -and looking through the fog.

    cheers, Nicholas. my interpretation surely doesn’t explain this drawing but this is the perfect piece for me tonight. cheers


    1. Lol! thank you Julie. Maybe I’ll sign my work Heathcliffe in future. Actually I keep forgetting to sign my work at all, I must do it, it is just I think my signature always detracts from my work. Best, Nicholas.


    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation Tony! I thought your ‘Chest 67; African Spirit’ was a really great piece of work. I enjoyed the tonal detail very much, and also your accompanying words. Best, Nicholas.


  2. 2Spools says:

    Everyone talks about your work, but not your words. They are telling. Not only do they reveal an ability to understand the landscape, but also a capacity to share your feelings with others. It is a great skill.


    1. Thank you Rufus for such a wonderful comment! It encourages me greatly, because like most artists I find it very difficult to judge my own work. I just try to fumble the way forward! I don’t write words very often because I feel the work should speak for me and also because I don’t feel they would add greatly, which is very different on your own blog where your words effectively augment the images even though they are very strong on their own. Thanks again for your interest in my blog. I’m following yours too! Best, Nicholas.


      1. 2Spools says:

        It’s funny that you say this. I homed right it on the words. They came from a different place, yet enriched what I saw. This might sound like a stretch, but they placed me. It was the sense of placement that silenced me. Words do not come easy to me, especially when talking about your work. When I see words working, I get pretty excited!


    1. Hi Cavepainter, thanks for your comment! Yes, the weather is very English!!! But actually I also am very interested in a limited monochromatic colour palette, the weather is better than it looks in my drawing!!!! Best, Nicholas.


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