Landscape Drawing – View Across the English Countryside, Chiltern Hills, May 2013

Landscape Drawing - View Across the English Countryside, Chiltern Hills, May 2013
Mixed media drawing: graphite, soluble crayon, coloured pencil and acrylic on white paper. May 2013.

I’m going away for a couple of weeks and will miss the wonderful blogs and inspirational posts I get from all of you. I’ll try and catch up when I get back. In the meantime I’m posting a couple of recent landscape drawings. Best, Nicholas.

Landscape Drawing – View Across the English Countryside, Chiltern Hills, May 2013

33 thoughts on “Landscape Drawing – View Across the English Countryside, Chiltern Hills, May 2013

  1. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Please accept it. I have enjoyed your work and look forward to much more! If you would like to accept the reward all you need to do is:

    Answer any 10 questions that you can think of

    Include the Award image in your post

    Nominate 10 additional bloggers for the award

    and then notify your nominees on their blogs.

    Here is a link to help get you going




    1. Hi Joseph, thank you for the nomination, I appreciate the sentiment, but like many here, I don’t accept any awards. Sorry, but thank you for the thought. I follow your own work with much interest too. Best, Nicholas.


  2. Jon says:

    wow! I found your site a few days ago through a google image search. I’m completely in love with your style of art! I find it absolutely amazing!! I’m trying to learn how to paint/draw and the style of art you do is exactly the direction that I want to develop in. I hope it’s not too obnoxious of me to ask if you have any tips for someone who is trying to do art in a similar style to yours? Or any learning resources you could recommend? I’m an absolute beginner so anything would be extremely appreciated. Again, I find your art breathtaking and inspiring. Thank you for sharing it šŸ™‚


    1. Hi Jon, firstly thank you so much for your kind words. Secondly, I thought it would be easier and useful if I were to reply more fully to your enquiry using your email address rather than this dialogue box if you are happy with that. Best, Nicholas.


  3. bodacious visions says:

    It is so hard to find words. I already know that there are more dimensions to your drawings than eye can see. Those are more like visual feelings. There are some with energy and some with settled peace. I personally feel your work rather than see/analize. I accompany it with music, accidentally (radio!). Great, Nicholas, just great.


  4. Dear Nicholas Herbert,
    I have nominated you for three awards; Seeds of Light, Best Moment, and Versatile Blogger. If you choose to accept my nomination, (which I sincerely hope you do) you will find indications of the next steps in my post. Apparently, there is no time limitation on acceptance but for your reference, in two weeks, I will remove my post and make it a page filed under Uncategorized.


      1. no worries -believe me I totally get it – a very rare thing for me to get involved in such things anyway – just wanting you to get more well deserved exposure -keep up the great work!


  5. Thanks for checking back with artcalling when you returned. I appreciate your Like on the Transition post. I’ve just started a separate blog on that thread and will be sharing more about it soon.
    I, too, like this drawing very much. cheers, Sarah


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