View Out From an Escarpement Ridge, The Chiltern Hills. May 2013


Mixed media: graphite, colour pencil, soluble crayon and acrylic on white paper

I have been tied up with design work for a while now and only just posting an update to my on-going drawing project for this year. Hope to catch up with you all shortly!

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9 thoughts on “View Out From an Escarpement Ridge, The Chiltern Hills. May 2013

    • Thank you Tony! I’d be interested to know what you would like to know beyond the images themselves, that is in words? It would give me a steer in what might be worthwhile writing. Often I just don’t know what people would find interesting to read alongside the drawings. So I hardly ever write anything!
      Best and thanks again, Nicholas.

      • Hi, You have a point, your pictures are mysterious and perhaps they need to speak for themselves. I always say something about my images because it explains my state of mind, relevance of the components, and the way they link. But that’s my style. These pictures are cathartic and I ‘d like people to know how I feel about them. Whether that is appropriate for the audience I don’t know.. It is possible the words prejudicice their mind….?? Best of luck. and keep up the good work. Tony

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