Landscape L875 Woodland, The Chiltern Hills

L875 300dpi AKFA Screen rescan v2

180 x 130 mm (7.08 x 5.12 in) Mixed media (graphite, acrylic paint, colour pencil and soluble crayon on white paper) 2015

Landscape L875 Woodland, The Chiltern Hills

6 thoughts on “Landscape L875 Woodland, The Chiltern Hills

  1. Nicholas, I have missed you these past months, and then you spoil us with three pictures at once! You have taken a darker turn which puts a new perspective on your work. Looking forward to more. Tony

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    1. Hello Tony, thanks for your kind comment. I will post some more soon. I’ll try and stop by more often, but the last year has been very busy on a variety of projects. I have been making this body of work for three years now and have a solo gallery show coming up in April. It will be the first time that these works will have been shown together in any number. Take care. Best, Nicholas.


      1. Congratulations on your show! Your work deserves to be given wide exposure, and I’ll be surprised if you don’t sell lots. Take some pictures of the gallery and put them on the blog them, it’ll be good to see how you display them.


  2. Hello, yes this will be one of twenty-six in the show at Alan Kluckow Fine Art, Sunningdale from April 16th to May 10th. I will post more detail soon. There is a link on my drawing website too. Best, Nicholas.


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