New Home Page for Duration of Exhibition

NH-drawing AKFA Home Page

My landing page at has details of my solo show at Alan Kluckow Fine Art, Sunningdale, on the home page for the duration of the exhibition until May 10th. I am showing twenty-six mixed-media landscapes from 2013-2015. There will be a free online exhibition catalogue available on iBooks in a week or two. The link on the home page currently leads to a downloadable Pdf version. This is best viewed as two pages up together. There will be a case-bound book version of the catalogue at the gallery. I often get asked where my work can be seen and anyone who wishes to is very welcome to visit  the gallery from April 18th onwards. I will be at the gallery occasionally on and off until May 10th.

New Home Page for Duration of Exhibition

4 thoughts on “New Home Page for Duration of Exhibition

  1. Oh Nicholas, I googled sunningdale as soon as you replied. It’s going to be just too difficult for me to get to. Pity not nearer east anglia/midlands. But very best wishes for the show, I know you are going to get so much excellent feedback. Went for a walk yesterday in Glossop and saw a combination of trees and background which made me think of your work instantly.


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