‘Silent Spaces’ iBook Format Exhibition Catalogue

The exhibition catalogue for Silent Spaces, my solo gallery show at Alan Kluckow Fine Art this April and May is now available as an iBooks download (95MB so will take a minute or two!). It includes all twenty-six paintings being hung in the show, plus index, artist’s statement, and a short biography. If you would like to see which pieces are showing but can not get to the gallery, feel free to download and share. Best wishes, Nicholas.

Catalogue Cover 2

‘Silent Spaces’ iBook Format Exhibition Catalogue

12 thoughts on “‘Silent Spaces’ iBook Format Exhibition Catalogue

    1. Hello kklinedinst. One has to go to Apple iBooks on a Mac device and if you then type in my name Nicholas Herbert, or Silent Spaces, it should come up with a download button. Let me know if you struggle to get it. It is free btw. If necessary i can email you the .ePub file directly. Best, Nicholas.


    1. Hello Xray, I am just doing a post on links for download including those who do not use Mac devices. The easiest way is to go to my drawing website and click on exhibition catalogue available online, this will open up a Pdf in another window which you can save as a normal Pdf on your desktop. When viewing set view to ‘two pages up’ this will approximate to the spreads in the iBook version. I am also just trying to see if I can deliver an .ePub file version that can be read by any ebook reader such as Adobe Digital Editions or cool reader. Post should be up shortly. Best, Nicholas.

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