Recent Portrait (2016) for Exhibition Catalogue

NH Portrait 2 B&W 2

As I needed a new up-to-date portrait for the exhibition catalogue’s artist biography, Annie and I decided to go to a place near Bison Hill, as I make some pieces from this position. Annie took this image of me working on a new mixed media piece on an iPad. I like the mix of diagonals made by the tree and the incline. I have attached a landscape (L891, Near Bison Hill, The Chiltern Hills) made from near this spot late last year and which is being exhibited in my show ‘Silent Spaces’ at Alan Kluckow Fine Art. It was a very cold and ferociously windy day when I started making this. The noise the wind made as it blew up and across the escarpment was almost deafening and so constant that it made working very difficult. It is easy to forget when one looks at work in a gallery or studio, that the one element that is not present is the audible sound of the place itself. My show is called Silent Spaces for many reasons…….

L891 300dpi AKFA Screen

L891 Near Bison Hill, The Chiltern Hills. 2015 Mixed media. Signed on reverse. 180x130mm.

Recent Portrait (2016) for Exhibition Catalogue

4 thoughts on “Recent Portrait (2016) for Exhibition Catalogue

    1. Thanks for the message Pym! Yes there are/were bison in the Chiltern Hills, well on Bison Hill at least. The reason is that ZSL Whipsnade Zoo occupies a flank of that hill and their bison did indeed roam it, although they are/were enclosed! hence the name. Best, Nicholas.


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