Landscape Summer 2012 – Garden with Trees VI

Garden with Trees VI 2013

From my archives, Garden with Trees VI 2012. I thought it would be a change to post something brighter than my recent work, but I haven’t done anything bright since last year! So I’ve chosen this. The trees here have still not leafed in any significant way. feels like we are 6 weeks behind the normal season.

Mixed media: coloured pencil, crayon and acrylic paint on white paper. 26cm x 14.5cm. 2012.

Landscape Summer 2012 – Garden with Trees VI

11 thoughts on “Landscape Summer 2012 – Garden with Trees VI

  1. I Love this scetch Nicholas, I love the way you put down what you see. It takes a while for your eye to see everything you have scetched but it one the paper !!!

    Can I ask how long it takes you to do these ?

    Do you set yourself a time limit our is it just until you finish?



    1. Hi Nigel, Thanks for your kind appreciation! This piece probably took less than a day in all. Most of my work I complete within the day and sometimes less. I tend to work very intensively and energetically and for some reason I feel a need to come to a resolution or conclusion to a piece before I can stop work on it. In the past my bigger work would take days, however everything I am doing right now is much smaller and fits within A3 ish. Best, Nicholas.


      1. Hello Nicholas,

        Yes you can see the life and energy that you put into all your work, to me ! they should a process that you are going through. Your answer is brilliant in that respect – as for your work!!! šŸ™‚ .



  2. I thougt of Monet too when I saw this beautiful painting. One of my favourite subject matter in the whole world. I am watching the trees opposite literally spring into life as I write. A wonderful miracle of the ordinary


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